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Starss Icon Kit Review

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Starss Icon Kit Review

Příspěvekod AVE40 » pát 15. bře 2019 11:02:44

Honestly this device, [url="https://www.ave40.com/brands/hellvape"]starss icon kit[/url], is not a new arrival pod kit. And I got this sample on Oct 2018 which has stayed in my sample shelf for months. The reason why I want to write a review of this device is the cotton coil. Recently more and more pod system kits have been released on the market with almost all ceramic coil or mesh coil inside. Traditional cotton coil seems like to be abandoned gradually. So I decide to make a review for this gorgeous pod kit — [url="https://www.ave40.com/brands/hellvape"]Starss Icon Kit[/url].


Dimensions: 63 x 52 x 17mm
Battery: Built-in 380mAh
Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Material: Zinc Alloy & PCTG
Coil: 1.7ohm
Capacity: 2.0ml

Appearance Design


Zinc alloy and PCTG material are most seen to be applied in pod system kit. The lightweight and durability are the reason why zinc alloy material gains manufacturers’ appreciation. PCTG material is the same. Well there’s one shortness of zinc alloy material brings is easily to be scratched by friction. Elaborately and carefully polished rounded corners is the best design for better grip feelings without any doubt. But in our daily life, some frictions are unavoidable like put it into pocket or put it on the table. These subtle friction and bumps both causes some irreversible scratches and trace. So you need to carefully treat this material pod kits, of course include [url="https://www.ave40.com/brands/hellvape"]starss icon kit[/url].

On the other hand, there’s carbon fiber material applied onto this kit as well. Well not on the surface but on the back of the kit which covered by PCTG material. And you can clearly see it from the picture above.


There’re five color options for you to select. Each one is designed with different patterns and colors metal frame. For sure customers are glad to see more color options, especially for those people who always stuck in the middle of making choices.


This kit comes with two same pod cartridges. 2ml capacity with 1.7ohm resistance cotton coil for MTL vaping. MTL vaping is what vape lovers chasing for. The strong feeling that Nicotine salt juice bring which also provides throat hit experience. Traditional cotton coil maybe not provide the purer flavor, the unique experience it brings also attract people to use, even though more and more people start to vape with ceramic coil.

The Verdict

It’s true that the [url="https://www.ave40.com/brands/hellvape"]starss icon kit[/url] is not that outstanding on pod system kit market like [url="https://www.ave40.com/hellvape-dead-rabbit-rda.html"]Smok nord kit[/url] or [url="https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-aurora-play-zippo-pod-starter-kit.html"]vaporesso aurora play kit[/url]. For its appearance design is the most possible reason for people to get to know it or purchase. In today’s pod system kit market, although there’re so many various pod kits, no matter from the appearance or product design, for people to make choices. And there are still more and more pod kits released day by day. Honestly customers need new devices, better design devices or one which worth purchasing. it’s been few months since starss icon kit was launched, and it’s already in stock in so many vape stores. I would say, if you pass by some vape stores and come across this pod kit, don’t hesitate to try it, even buy one!

For now you can also order it at our store, click here to see: [url="https://www.ave40.com/brands/hellvape"]Starss Icon Pod System Vape Kit 380mAh[/url]
From 15th Mar to 28th Mar, if you buy ten same color starss icon kit, you will get one free starss icon kit.

Thanks for Reading!
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